Letting Go. And Maybe Some Howling.

Today we are going to experience a powerful Wolf Full Moon. Many who follow astrology and even Native folklore will appreciate the significance, while others may say, “So what?”

January is the first month of the calendar year and many of us have already looked back at 2019 in reflection and have started looking ahead to a brand new year.  There is so much potential with a clean slate!  I have found that to attract all that “amazingness”,  I can achieve so much more if I release everything that no longer serves me first.  I need to let go of emotions, behaviours and even physical things that are going to hold me back from attaining my dreams.   Make room for the good stuff.

Fortunately, there are many ways of doing all of this.
I like to start with the easy stuff first.  Clutter.  You know, the boxes of stuff in our closets or basements that we’re holding onto “just in case”.  It’s time to open those boxes up and get rid of anything you truly don’t need.  (I always like to diffuse Lemongrass essential oil when I do this, as it helps with emotional attachments and I am more likely to actually do a better job of it.  It actually feels better when that clutter is gone. )

The second part is a bit harder.

What are you holding onto emotionally?  Are you still reliving the (perceived) wrongs that have been done to you?  Are you bitter or angry about a past argument?  And the big one, are you refusing to forgive someone for something they have said or not said, done or not done?  Is that person you?

Let that sink in a bit.

I did a lot of inner work, as it’s called, in 2019.  Lots of meditation, lots of personal development and connecting with amazing leaders and healers.  Intermittent fasting.  Opening my heart and looking inside.  Seeing the hurt, the disappointments, the courage and the beauty within.  Really exploring what made me happy and what did not.  When I did all of that, something very interesting happened.


Releasing and letting go of all the emotional and spiritual “junk” coincided with the cleansing and restoration of my physical body.  In fact, the two went hand in hand.  I lost over forty pounds, and the “lightness” was felt equally in my heart and my body.  Yes, it took self-discipline to fast for stretches at a time in the beginning, but as I felt the shift happening in my body, it encouraged me to continue.  I committed to my meditation practice as much as I could, I delved deeper into myself and explored what made me “tick”.  A ten-day online workshop with Wim Hoffer took me even deeper.  It was amazing to explore and discover what I was capable of doing.  Cold showers, deep breathwork and even holding my breath for over two minutes.  An 8-minute elbow plank!  Incredible!

I also discovered that my capacity to love and forgive, to feel compassion and be more empathetic also increased exponentially.  My heart seemed clearer and more open.

These achievements were a year in the making.  I had so much support from my husband and family, from some dear friends, and from fellow healers.  I received energy work from others and used a lot of aromatherapy.   I used all the “tools” I share with my clients on myself.  I am especially grateful to the beautiful essential oils that gave me clarity, helped me forgive and to deal with some stressful anguish and worry at times.  I walked around with roller bottles in my pockets every day so I could apply them to my hands and inhale, or apply over my heart.  Powerful medicine.

So back to the Full Moon….

Take some time today to do a bit of clearing.  Think about the things you no longer need, both physically and emotionally.  Take that first step to releasing and once you do, and space is created, you may be encouraged to continue this work and see what you are capable of achieving.  Go ahead, howl at the moon tonight.  Release and be prepared for your dreams and beautiful intentions to be supported.  Let the magic happen.



How am I Doing…Today?

Every morning, before I go to work at the farm, I spend some time in my healing room, preparing myself for the day.  Ideally, I would do this right after rising out of bed, but the reality is I enjoy my sleep, and enjoy making a healthy breakfast for my family.  Once they’re off, it’s quiet and I can take as much time as I want, without feeling rushed.

One of the first things I do is just “check in” with myself….how am I feeling today?  Each of the five Reiki precepts is prefaced with “Just for today”.  Every day is different – the euphoria we may have been enjoying yesterday may dissipate, the anxiety about something may have increased.  How am I feeling today, right now?

I take some deep, cleansing breaths, place my hands in Gassho position (Namaste gesture), and allow myself to feel grounded and connected to the Earth.  If my mind starts wandering to what I need to get done at the farm, or what items to add to my grocery shopping list, I have a few “tools”.  Visualizing roots growing from my feet, down into the ground, works great.  So does holding a crystal such as black tourmaline or obsidian.  And aromatherapy using a grounding blend, or pure Frankincense also does the trick beautifully.  (I don’t usually have to do anything but slow my breathing and focus, but these tools do help!)


I then recite the precepts, because they remind me of how I can best serve myself and others.

IMG_1316I have a beautiful singing bowl, which I purchased last winter.  It sits on my windowsill, and I often like to take it in my hands to play for a few minutes.  I discovered that when I have not done a good job of calming my mind and spirit, the bowl reflects this turmoil, and does not tone very loudly – if at all.  However, when I feel “connected”, peaceful and whole….the song fills the whole room!  Talk about bio-feedback!

Self-Reiki is also an important part of my daily practice.  At this point in my day, I will use Reiki to clear each of my chakras, to cleanse my healing room (and other rooms, if necessary).  I will do a short meditation and prayer.  When I am finished, I feel peaceful, grounded….and ready to take on anything I encounter in the day.

Tomorrow may well be a whole other story.  That’s okay.  I only need to focus on Today.

Namaste my friends!


Waking up this morning, I smile,
Twenty four brand new hours are before me.
I vow to live fully in each moment
and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.  Thich Nhat Hanh















Looking After Ourselves

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to write a blog about self-care and some tips about maximizing our Reiki potential.

Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki

First of all, I do not profess to be a faultless practitioner, lol!  But I try, on a daily basis, to do my best.  And it all starts with the five Reiki precepts.  I find that when I do even a quick grounding meditation in the morning and repeat these precepts, it sets the tone for my day.  By reminding myself to not anger, not worry, to be grateful, do my best, and to be kind, I am pre-programming my day and reinforcing these values in my heart.

Secondly, while I am in my treatment room (where I like to do this practice), I will give myself some Reiki.  Sometimes, it is a quick CKR over each of my chakras.  Other times, I will place my hands over my heart, open up to the beautiful Reiki energy and allow it to fill me up.  Pamela Miles often says that it doesn’t matter for how long you give yourself Reiki.  It is more important that you do, on a daily basis.  (If my day is off to a busy start, I may not have a chance for self-Reiki, so I will wait until bedtime and give myself some Reiki before going to sleep.)

Practise, practise, practise!

As with many things we learn to do in life, practice can be very helpful in strengthening our Reiki flow.  Because Reiki courses through us as we give treatments, the very act of giving Reiki to others benefits us as well, by unblocking our own energy systems.  Better yet, when we receive full Reiki treatments from others, it ensures that we are at our peak condition to be conduits for others.  I offer all of my students a discount rate for Reiki sessions, to encourage them to come often.


I host 2 shares monthly, and attend my Reiki teacher’s shares, too.  Not only do I receive Reiki, but a share is often an opportunity to discuss any questions or experiences we may have with others. The shares are open to everyone, whether or not they have studied Reiki with me, or even if they have not yet been attuned to Reiki, but would like to learn more about it.  I also advise my students to make arrangements with each other to share Reiki with each other, either in person, or to practise their distance technique.

Mikao Usui was not looking for a healing modality when he discovered Reiki.  He was on a spiritual journey, and we should often remember this fact about the origins of Reiki.  It is so much more than a healing technique.  It is a way of living, in touch with the Divine within each of us, and connects us to the Source that nourishes us all.  If we remind ourselves of this, it will be easier to leave our egos out of the way, and to just allow this beautiful energy to flow and enrich our mind, body and spirit.