Feeling the Love

Recently, I was on the receiving end of much love and concern, because of something I posted on social media.  (The original post is here)  As many who follow me know, I tend to post positive messages, with much gratitude, pretty hearts, lol, and that I love inspiring others.

One day, I felt a bit overwhelmed and stressed out and shared that, along with what I did to help reduce my stressful feelings.  And what I did worked, of course. I did feel much better the next day.


What I didn’t expect was to receive private messages from friends and family, asking if I was alright.  I re-read my original post and didn’t think that it conveyed anything to cause any serious concern for me.  After all, lots of people post about their crummy days, when they have them.  But I guess people weren’t used to seeing me post about that.

I explained to those checking on me, that everything WAS, indeed, fine.  A good night’s sleep and some gorgeous aromatherapy and talking it over with my daughter really did wonders to help me set a new perspective on the day’s events.  And truly, it wasn’t anything huge.  Simply “life” stuff.  But it felt like an onslaught that day, and I had trouble feeling positive.

Fortunately, I do practice what I “preach” and made sure I got the self-care I needed.  Please reach out to me to learn more about how aromatherapy can be a fantastic way to deal with emotions and stress.  You can learn more about the topic here.
A good friend recommended doing some deep breathing.  Others talked about going for a walk, being outside in Nature.  I often recommend meditation to help deal with stress and loved using this ten-minute one this week.

So why am I writing this blog today?


I couldn’t help but think about all the people who don’t receive those messages of concern.  The ones who struggle day in and day out.  The ones who may not have, or even know of, the tools that can help.  My heart hurts thinking about them.

I have a wish.  I invite you to reach out to those you see struggling.  A kind word, a gesture of caring is all it takes sometimes.  Yes, there are some very serious struggles out there,  that will take much more than a “are you okay?“.  But it’s a start.

We are all connected.  Our joy becomes others’ joy.  Our struggles are felt by others, too.  Let’s acknowledge that we are one.  Let’s reach out and give a hand wherever it’s needed.  I know how wonderful it was to have hands extended to me.  Much love and gratitude if you were one of those sending me love and healing.