Changing the Filters We Use

Recently, I took part in a photo challenge.  The idea was to post a black and white photo each day, for 7 days.  The photo was not to include pets or people, nor an explanation.  And it was supposed to represent my life.

I had an interesting time selecting subjects to photograph.  Finding things that “represented” me was thought provoking and insightful.  However, what I found the most interesting was how the photos underwent a complete change, in some instances, when I used my camera filter to take transform them to black and white photos.  Wow, everything became stark and “right in your face”.  When I experimented with various filters, adding more jewel tones, or washes of sepia….each picture changed drastically.

And that got me thinking…..

What if we switched the filters we use daily in our interactions with others…and with our lives?

What if we stripped away all the colour, and looked at the basic outlines and textures instead?

What if we added vibrant colours to where there were none?

*        *        *        *        *

I once read about how first impressions are imprinted very strongly in our brains.  No matter how many times we may have another encounter with the same person – or situation – it is probably our first impression or judgement that our brain recalls for us.  We don’t look with fresh eyes any more, but rather, go back to our “files” and get the information.

And what a shame that is.

I mean, who stays exactly the same, from day to day?  One day, I may wake up feeling ready to take on the world, looking everyone in the eye, grinning from ear to ear, basically in a really good mood.  But sometimes,  circumstances may weigh me down.  I don’t wake up feeling quite that positive.  (Thank goodness I have my essential oils and Reiki to help out).  What if I met someone THAT morning, before all my self-help “kicked in”?  Would their impression of me be “accurate”?  Most days, I do wake up as Miss Sunshine, so if a snapshot of me was taken using a grey filter, to be filed away, I don’t think that would be a truthful representation of me.  I would grab that camera and change the filter!

Sometimes, we get stuck using the same filter because of our own experiences.  We allow OUR experiences to filter how we see others.

The truth is, we can change the filter on any picture we take.  When you see someone, take several “pictures”.  Give them the benefit of the doubt.  Isn’t that what you would want for yourself?



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