Cleansing our Spiritual Bodies

Here we are, in a brand new year… I’m still getting used to writing 2016 instead of 2015!

With a new year, maDec 17 snow day 001ny people take stock of their lives and decide to make some changes.  New Year’s resolutions are made (and often broken), homes are decluttered as we let go of things we no longer need, and many head to the gym to shed those extra “holiday” pounds.  In recent years, it has become more and more popular to do a detox or cleansing program.  This usually involves making healthier nutritional choices, often with the aid of herbal supplements to support our bodies as they get rid of stored toxins.  Let’s face it, none of us eats perfectly all the time.  We overindulge at the occasional birthday celebration or wedding, and even our surrounding environment contains pollutants that eventually enter our bodies.  Doing a cleanse at least once or twice a year is actually a great idea, and something I’ve tried to include in my personal health regime for many years.  There are shorter programs (7-10 days), as well as longer ones (lasting up to 30 days).  I suggest you start slowly, and if possible, with professional help.  There are many qualified nutritional and health coaches who are trained to help with exactly this.  I know several personally, and many of them write wonderful blogs and articles to support individuals on this path.

But what about our spiritual and mental bodies?  Do they get “polluted” or “backed up” ?   How can we cleanse and detox them?

Many of us have noticed that after de-cluttering our homes of old books, clothing and furniture, we just feel better.  Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.  It stands to reason that if we remove unneeded feelings and thoughts from ourselves, we will notice an improvement in our disposition (and many times, our physical health).  When we say a mantra or intention, our brain cells start relaying the message to the rest of the body.  You can explTrianglegraphicore this topic further by researching the work of Gregg Braden or Bruce Lipton, two of my favourite authors and speakers.

Every time I start a Reiki session, I instruct my clients to “let go” of anything that no longer serves them.  This can be a number of things:  worry, anger, fear, anxiety, bitterness, etc.  How does Reiki do this?  During a session, a Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for energy, which then travels through the energetic field of the client.  Reiki intuitively goes to where it is needed, to where we may be lacking in our life force (“ki” or “chi”).  If there is a blockage, it prevents the flow of energy.   Reiki may help break up those blockages as well.  When we say a mantra or intention, our brain cells start relaying the message to the rest of the body.  You can explore this topic further by researching the work of Gregg Braden or Bruce Lipton, two of my favourite authors and speakers.

I firmly believe that Reiki can be very helpful in cleansing our spiritual and emotional bodies.  Regular Reiki sessions ensure that our chakra system is functioning at optimum capacity, to support us in all aspects of our life.  Another suggestion is to become a Reiki practitioner yourself, so that you can give Reiki to yourself on a daily basis, and share it with others.

I have an upcoming workshop at the beautiful Maple Sweet Retreat in Rocklyn (Beaver Valley, ON) on February 27 and 28.  For more details, you can go to my website or to the retreat’s website.  I will be teaching Reiki Level I and II over a 2 day period, meals and shared accommodations will be provided.

Wishing you an inspiring, healthy and love-filled 2016!

Namaste, Julie




Seeing Hope

On Christmas Day, I went for a long walk along our local trail way.  The weather was unseasonably mild, the sun was shining, and my heart was full of gratitude and joy.  I walked with awareness, paying attention to the sounds and smells, as well as the sights, in our peaceful country setting.  And as I did so, I started seeing all the signs of hope that beckoned to me.  There were empty nests and birdhouses, waiting for the return of spring residents, and milkweed pods bursting with fluffy seed heads, ready to fly away and germinate.  With the mild weather, the recently planted tree saplings appeared to be in full bud, with the promise of fresh green growth.

It occurred to me that these signs could be just as easily be viewed as faded and past any semblance of “life”.  The birds were long gone, the milkweeds’ flowers spent, and the trees were bare and dormant.  With a different perspective, one could sadly pine for past beauty and life, rather than dream about future possibilities.  It’s all about our viewpoint and state of mind.  I choose to see hope.

* * *

2015 was an incredible year for me.  As for many of you, there were some milestones, some failures, some joy, some grief.  I view the hardships as lessons, without which I would have no growth.

My year started out with me taking on the role of teacher again, and I was bursting with pride when I taught Reiki Levels I and II.  To help my students set forth on their own Reiki path as practitioners gave me more joy than I ever thought possible.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be their teacher, their mentor, their fellow light11717548_1134930933189644_3607929970317271952_oworker.

Mid-summer marked another personal and professional highlight as I joined the ranks of Raven Keyes’ Master Medical Reiki ™ group.  I couldn’t believe my fortune, to have the workshop taught right here in Orangeville!  And having Raven herself here, at our home, for a meal with other members of our group, was truly surreal….  Our Canadian group numbers 27 practitioners, and we have already forged some amazing bonds.  We all look forward to sharing Reiki in the operating room, to work alongside surgeons and other conventional professionals, as we help bring holistic, non-invasive healing energy to patients undergoing surgery.  As Raven said, “It’s all happening!”

Essential oils are being used in our home as well as my healing practice now.  I have been doing much studying and the more I learn about the powerful properties of these amazing plant-derived oils, the more I want to share them with others.  I taught many “make and take” classes, and plan on doing many more in 2016.  I look forward to helping others join my “oil team”, so that they can learn to use tIHMhem, too.

More professional improvement came in the form of my Indian head massage training in October.  I wanted to offer another modality to my clients, and I had heard so much about it.   Like Reiki and the oils, this modality helps restore and support our energy, brings relaxation (and thus increases our immunity) and is easily accessible (all I need is a low-backed chair to do a treatment).  The case studies I have completed so far have demonstrated the numerous health benefits and I encourage you to come in for a session!


Phew!  So what is 2016 going to bring me?  For starters, I plan on continuing teaching Reiki and about using essential oils.  A “first” for me will be running a Reiki workshop at a retreat in February.  My hope is to broaden my teachings outside of my own community, and to bring more and more Reiki practitioners into the world.  I truly believe that we can make a difference. (Oh, and Jen?  I WILL be offering a Master Reiki workshop this year – I promise! )

I will continue to work hard to bring Reiki to the hospital setting, offering my services to anyone undergoing medical procedures, or looking for supportive care, be it palliative or recuperative.  Receiving Reiki should be an option available to anyone and everyone when they need medical attention.  I have seen its powerful benefits and am always grateful for the opportunities to share it with others.

And above all, I will see hope everywhere….  Namaste, my friends.  I wish you much Joy, Love and Abundance for 2016.IMG_20160101_144236