Kyo Dake Wa, Goo Hage Me.

Just for today, work hard/diligently/honestly.  This is our fourth Reiki precept, and is a theme I remembered reading in The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz:  “Always do your best”.  Many of us were taught this lesson, first by our parents, and then our school teachers.

As Reiki practitioners, it is our duty to do our best on any given day, and there are many things we should consider to make that happen.

First and foremost, we need to make sure that we are a clear vessel for the sacred energy passing through us.  Look after yourself in mind, body and spirit.  Eat clean food, abstain from toxins, especially before giving treatments, and allow your body the exercise and rest it needs to stay healthy.  I find that the cleaner I eat and drink (organic food and clean water or beverages), the better I can channel Reiki.

Secondly, give yourself Reiki every day, whenever possible.  Each time we invite Reiki into our bodies, we are keeping our channels clear and open.  We are always ready to give Reiki whenever it is required.  Receiving our attunements again from our teachers is highly recommended and is something I encourage with my students.  It is said that Sensei Usui invited his students to receive their attunements frequently.

Next, recite the Reiki precepts daily, morning and night, if possible.  These five (simple) principles remind us of what we need to practice each and every single day.  If we are angry or worried about something and try to share Reiki with someone, we all know that it will be going against this fourth precept, because we will not be working diligently.  When we are angry or worried, we are closing down our energy channels, not opening them up….When we are grateful for our gifts and our lives, Reiki flows much more easily.  And when we are kind and love every living thing, we remind ourselves of our connection to all that is Divine and wondrous and are open vessels for Reiki.  We are working from our hearts.
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Here is a short recording, so you can practice reciting them:
The Five Usui Principles in Japanese

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Provide a clean space for working with Reiki energy, whether it is for a client or family or friends.  Be sure to clear the space using CKR, or with a smudging ceremony.  I always fill the room with all of the Reiki symbols before my clients arrive.  In fact, I do this to my healing room every morning, as I never know when I may get an unexpected request for Reiki.  This is just as important a practice if you are doing a distance Reiki session! Remember to clean the room afterwards, too.

I hope this information has been useful to you.  Much of what I have written is what we learn in our Reiki training.  But as with all lessons, they can always bear repeating!

Thank you, Namaste,