Sharing is Caring

Today, I attended a very special event at Manorun Organic Farm, near Hamilton.  It was the second ever Farmer Health Retreat Day, organized by the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario and I was there offering my services as a Reiki practitioner.  (I had taken part in the first event held at Zocalo Organics, near Erin, earlier this summer.)

The day consisted of scheduled talks and workshops, with opportunities for the attendees to experience varimg_20160911_100352ious healing modalities at scaled down prices.  These included acupuncture, shiatsu, massage, osteopathy and Reiki – I was booked solid.  Although I was on my feet all day, except to sit down for the delicious potluck lunch, and I had to travel an hour and a half to participate, it was such an incredible experience, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

The intent of the day was to offer some respite to these hard-working young farmers, and to support them mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The conversations at lunchtime almost always started with “How is your day going so far?”  There was a beautiful sense of community and shared understanding, and a curiosity to learn about each others’ experiences – farming and otherwise.  It was great to get reacquainted with some farmers I had met at the previous retreat day, and to get the opportunity to offer them a Reiki session if they had missed out the first time.

From my vantage point by the side of the pond, I had a great view of the day’s activities.  The morning started with an introduction from each of the practitioners and was followed by a yoga class on the grass.  White clouds occasionally floated by in the incredible late summer blue sky, the crickets and other insects were singing enthusiastically in the meadow of goldenrod and grasses.  Horses grazed in a nearby field… it was a truly peaceful start to the day.


The occupation of all the visitors on my Reiki table was the same, but each person had their unique challenges and situations to address.  And that’s the beauty of Reiki – it goes where it is needed, and supports mind, body and spirit.  So whether it was upcoming lifestyle changes, or sore muscles, or a need to de-stress, each person was treated to the same beautiful flow of universal energy.  Naturally, they all loved it!  As a practitioner, I am always honoured to be channelling this energy, and I never grow tired of seeing the facial expressions upon opening their eyes, and looking completely relaxed and serene.  And that’s what fills my cup.

As I worked, I could observe the workshops.

Naomi Krucker, the Membership Services Coordinator for the EFAO, told me that there have been requests for more of these types of retreats.  I was so happy to hear that, because by the end of the day, when the sessions were all complete, and many of the participants enjoyed a swim in the pond, I could see how much they had all benefited from the day.  Not only had they learned some things from the guest speakers, but they were able to lift each other up and to share with each other.  I was so grateful that I was also able to share with them.  Because sharing is caring.

A fabulous art installation along the back of the pond.  The “arms” moved with the wind, in a beautiful dance.