Sharing at Reiki Shares

Today a friend asked me what the Reiki shares I mentioned on Facebook were all about.   Although I had never heard of them before I studied Reiki, I now host my own and attend my teachers’ shares regularly.

Reiki shares (sometimes called “Energy Shares”) are a fabulous opportunity to give and receive Reiki healing.  Depending on the organizers, they can have many formats.

I prefer to have Reiki as the only modality being shared, mainly because I open my shares to everyone, practitioners and non-practitioners alike.  Although I use a few different modalities, for the benefit of Reiki “newbies”, I like to focus the time entirely on Reiki, so that people attending can come to understand what it’s all about without other (awesome) distractions.  Anyone can receive Reiki and anyone can learn to give Reiki.  An attunement process is what helps practitioners channel the energy to share, and is received during formal training.  At my shares, if you are new to Reiki, you get to go on the table first!  But I’m getting ahead of myself….IMG_0253

We start off the evening with a round of introductions, with the help of my beautiful talking stick.  Borrowing from a Native tradition, everyone has a chance to speak – until they are done – with no interruptions from the rest of the group.  We share our stories, our successes, and our struggles.  And we start making connections with each other.  Many times, we have short discussions about Reiki itself.

Next, we all take part in a guided meditation.  Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives, so it’s nice to have some help to wind down, clear ourselves, and be grounded to receive some healing.

We divide up into groups, depending on the number of people attending.  For large groups, I can set up three Reiki tables, and we work in groups of 3-5 people per table.  One person lays on the table, and the others give Reiki to them, usually for about 15 minutes.  With up to four people working at one table, we are all free to start anywhere we feel guided, and work intuitively for the most part.  Stools are provided for anyone needing them for comfort.

There are a few minutes in between turns, when experiences and observations are shared, and we proceed until we’re done.  Everyone gets their turn on the table….even me!

A beautiful “tradition” I first saw at Debra Jones’ energy shares was an opportunity to give Reiki to those who couldn’t attend, or for people or situations that could use some healing.  Debra has a beautiful statue of an upturned hand, where names are placed.  I have a hand-woven little basket, with a Reiki-charged Rose Quartz in it, and attendees are encouraged to put as many names in as they like.  After the sharing is over, we sit together as a group again and send distance healing to everyone and everything in the basket.

I hold Reiki Shares twice a month, one evening the first week of the month, and then a morning share the following week.  If you are at all interested in attending, please join my Meetup Group, “Loving and Living Reiki”.  Once you’ve joined, you will receive email notices of upcoming shares and classes.  By RSVPing, you are helping me to set up the appropriate number of tables, so that we can work comfortably.  As well, if I am expecting you, I can try to wait until you have arrived before starting.  As I said, no experience is necessary!  Come out to learn more about Reiki!

Sometimes new friendships are formed, certainly new insights and understandings are achieved….and we all end up with this fabulous Reiki “high”.  Feelings of love and gratitude, acceptance and belonging, and peace are often the norm.  If that appeals to you, won’t you join us?

My Favourite Reiki Precept

Of the five Reiki precepts, the one that stirs my heart every day is “Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.”  What comes to mind when you read this?  Does it mean holding a door open for someone?  Paying an unsolicited compliment?  These are certainly both acts of kindness, but it can be so much more.

Most of us are quite capable of finding nice things to say about someone’s appearance, or something that they have achieved.  How wonderful is it when we have taken extra time to style our hair, or to put together a great fashion combo, and someone notices?  That “You look great today!” compliment you receive will probably put a smile on your face, and a warm glow somewhere inside.  For a few hours, our self-esteem has risen, we are vibrating at a slightly higher frequency, and the sun seems to shine a bit brighter.  Our whole outlook on our day may even improve. All because of four words spoken from the heart.

This kind of kindness is something that many of us can – and do – practise daily.  But what about the type of kindness that comes with a bit more work, and perhaps a bit of (perceived) sacrifice?  The kindness that comes from compassion and empathy and unconditional love for all?

“Kindness” – n. goodness, favour, act of assistance, service, help, aid

Many times in our daily interactions with others, we are caught responding with our ego, rather than our heart.  Our need to be right or to have the last word sometimes overcomes our compassion.  An awareness of this behaviour is the first step to modifying it. I try to catch myself before I respond.  Better yet, I pay attention to the situation, to see what is truly happening and being said, without jumping to a response.  Am I  considering the entire situation?

For example, many years ago, there was a person I sometimes found myself “at odds” with and I often became engaged in yet another unpleasant sparring match.  I realized there was more going on with them than just a desire to spar verbally.   Almost every time we ran into trouble, it was because they were either not feeling well (in pain, even) or had been upset with someone else.   This realization only happened when I dropped my ego, and was present and acting with compassion.  Once I figured out why they were being unkind,  I didn’t take anything personally, and could find it very easy to be kind and not respond harshly.   Sometimes the best thing to say was nothing at all…. The situation dissipated quickly every time.

When we live a life of service to others, it doesn’t mean we are giving anything up.  On the contrary, we are embracing and receiving so much more.  We are not inviting ourselves to be used as doormats and to be taken advantage of, either.  Rather, we are setting a standard for how we expect to be treated.  And when this becomes the norm, when others see it as a permanent character trait, things shift.  When we live kindly, people notice.  After a while, they start living kindly, too.  We can all take an active role in creating a better, kinder world.

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”. ~Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama



Caring about and for others has always been a big part of me.  As a young teenager, when my peers were deciding whether they would become a doctor or teacher, or continue on their family farm, no career choice jumped out as “the one” for me.  All I knew was that I wanted to be of service to others, that I had much love and compassion to share, and that I would somehow find a way for that to happen.

Here I am, some 40 years later, a Reiki practitioner. I am also a farmer, a mother and wife, a gardener, a blogger, an artist, a teacher, a student, a leader and a follower.  The more I learn, the more I discover how little I know, but my understanding grows.

With this blog, I hope to share with you some of the insights I have discovered on this interesting journey.  Much of it will be about Reiki teachings and experiences.  However, just as music can be enjoyed more fully when an orchestra joins the piano, there are many other modalities and practices that I have incorporated into my Reiki way of life.  I sometimes use doTERRA © essential oils, crystals, and music, to name a few.  But Reiki is at the heart of it.  Tapping in to the beautiful, divine energy that comes from a Source that can never be diminished or emptied, inviting it to heal me and to share that healing potential with others, so that they can heal themselves, is what nourishes me.  It fills me, connects me to the Divine Spirit, and makes my heart soar.

I am so happy that you are here, too.  I invite you to visit my website to learn more about my practice.



One of my favourite spots, Algonquin Park.
One of my favourite spots, Algonquin Park.