Seeing Hope

On Christmas Day, I went for a long walk along our local trail way.  The weather was unseasonably mild, the sun was shining, and my heart was full of gratitude and joy.  I walked with awareness, paying attention to the sounds and smells, as well as the sights, in our peaceful country setting.  And as I did so, I started seeing all the signs of hope that beckoned to me.  There were empty nests and birdhouses, waiting for the return of spring residents, and milkweed pods bursting with fluffy seed heads, ready to fly away and germinate.  With the mild weather, the recently planted tree saplings appeared to be in full bud, with the promise of fresh green growth.

It occurred to me that these signs could be just as easily be viewed as faded and past any semblance of “life”.  The birds were long gone, the milkweeds’ flowers spent, and the trees were bare and dormant.  With a different perspective, one could sadly pine for past beauty and life, rather than dream about future possibilities.  It’s all about our viewpoint and state of mind.  I choose to see hope.

* * *

2015 was an incredible year for me.  As for many of you, there were some milestones, some failures, some joy, some grief.  I view the hardships as lessons, without which I would have no growth.

My year started out with me taking on the role of teacher again, and I was bursting with pride when I taught Reiki Levels I and II.  To help my students set forth on their own Reiki path as practitioners gave me more joy than I ever thought possible.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be their teacher, their mentor, their fellow light11717548_1134930933189644_3607929970317271952_oworker.

Mid-summer marked another personal and professional highlight as I joined the ranks of Raven Keyes’ Master Medical Reiki ™ group.  I couldn’t believe my fortune, to have the workshop taught right here in Orangeville!  And having Raven herself here, at our home, for a meal with other members of our group, was truly surreal….  Our Canadian group numbers 27 practitioners, and we have already forged some amazing bonds.  We all look forward to sharing Reiki in the operating room, to work alongside surgeons and other conventional professionals, as we help bring holistic, non-invasive healing energy to patients undergoing surgery.  As Raven said, “It’s all happening!”

Essential oils are being used in our home as well as my healing practice now.  I have been doing much studying and the more I learn about the powerful properties of these amazing plant-derived oils, the more I want to share them with others.  I taught many “make and take” classes, and plan on doing many more in 2016.  I look forward to helping others join my “oil team”, so that they can learn to use tIHMhem, too.

More professional improvement came in the form of my Indian head massage training in October.  I wanted to offer another modality to my clients, and I had heard so much about it.   Like Reiki and the oils, this modality helps restore and support our energy, brings relaxation (and thus increases our immunity) and is easily accessible (all I need is a low-backed chair to do a treatment).  The case studies I have completed so far have demonstrated the numerous health benefits and I encourage you to come in for a session!


Phew!  So what is 2016 going to bring me?  For starters, I plan on continuing teaching Reiki and about using essential oils.  A “first” for me will be running a Reiki workshop at a retreat in February.  My hope is to broaden my teachings outside of my own community, and to bring more and more Reiki practitioners into the world.  I truly believe that we can make a difference. (Oh, and Jen?  I WILL be offering a Master Reiki workshop this year – I promise! )

I will continue to work hard to bring Reiki to the hospital setting, offering my services to anyone undergoing medical procedures, or looking for supportive care, be it palliative or recuperative.  Receiving Reiki should be an option available to anyone and everyone when they need medical attention.  I have seen its powerful benefits and am always grateful for the opportunities to share it with others.

And above all, I will see hope everywhere….  Namaste, my friends.  I wish you much Joy, Love and Abundance for 2016.IMG_20160101_144236



How am I Doing…Today?

Every morning, before I go to work at the farm, I spend some time in my healing room, preparing myself for the day.  Ideally, I would do this right after rising out of bed, but the reality is I enjoy my sleep, and enjoy making a healthy breakfast for my family.  Once they’re off, it’s quiet and I can take as much time as I want, without feeling rushed.

One of the first things I do is just “check in” with myself….how am I feeling today?  Each of the five Reiki precepts is prefaced with “Just for today”.  Every day is different – the euphoria we may have been enjoying yesterday may dissipate, the anxiety about something may have increased.  How am I feeling today, right now?

I take some deep, cleansing breaths, place my hands in Gassho position (Namaste gesture), and allow myself to feel grounded and connected to the Earth.  If my mind starts wandering to what I need to get done at the farm, or what items to add to my grocery shopping list, I have a few “tools”.  Visualizing roots growing from my feet, down into the ground, works great.  So does holding a crystal such as black tourmaline or obsidian.  And aromatherapy using a grounding blend, or pure Frankincense also does the trick beautifully.  (I don’t usually have to do anything but slow my breathing and focus, but these tools do help!)


I then recite the precepts, because they remind me of how I can best serve myself and others.

IMG_1316I have a beautiful singing bowl, which I purchased last winter.  It sits on my windowsill, and I often like to take it in my hands to play for a few minutes.  I discovered that when I have not done a good job of calming my mind and spirit, the bowl reflects this turmoil, and does not tone very loudly – if at all.  However, when I feel “connected”, peaceful and whole….the song fills the whole room!  Talk about bio-feedback!

Self-Reiki is also an important part of my daily practice.  At this point in my day, I will use Reiki to clear each of my chakras, to cleanse my healing room (and other rooms, if necessary).  I will do a short meditation and prayer.  When I am finished, I feel peaceful, grounded….and ready to take on anything I encounter in the day.

Tomorrow may well be a whole other story.  That’s okay.  I only need to focus on Today.

Namaste my friends!


Waking up this morning, I smile,
Twenty four brand new hours are before me.
I vow to live fully in each moment
and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.  Thich Nhat Hanh















Reiki and Aromatherapy

What comes to mind when you hear the word “aromatherapy”?  Chances are it may include things like lavender, room “freshening” plug-ins, scented candles and laundry products.  I suggest you include the lavender, but leave out the others. (Read to the end to find out why…)

“Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils for improving and maintaining health and beauty” – the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and are even mentioned in the Bible ( ie. frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, sandalwood, fir)  All over the world, indigenous and ancient healers used them to heal not only physical ailments, but also to improve emotional and spiritual states.  Essential oils may have multiple properties and uses (antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, or anti-inflammatory).   Each oil is uniquely capable of being recognized and assimilated by our bodies and cells, because they are naturally occurring in Nature, not synthesized in a laboratory.lavender

Recently, I have been studying the profound healing effect they can have on our emotional and spiritual health.  Most of us are familiar with the soothing, relaxing effect of lavender.  Although it is also incredibly valuable for topical skin issues, most people love to use it as a sleep aid.  Sprigs of lavender, or lavender-filled sachets and lavender oil diffused are all helpful to relieving tension and promoting restful sleep.

Inhaling essential oils is a quick, very efficient way of using them.  There is an instant flow of the molecules through your olfactory nerves, tsmello your brain, where they can then impact the rest of your body.  Within a few minutes, you feel the results.  Some examples are peppermint making us feel more alert, citrus oils (lemon or orange) cheering and lifting our mood, to florals such as rose and lavender, which can soothe and nurture us.  My favourite way of diffusing oils is with my water-diffuser.  Several drops of oil are placed into water, and the oil is dispersed through the water molecules via a fine mist.  (The molecules of essential oil are available in the air for up to 3 hours afterwards!)  I also like to put a drop of oil into my palms, rub together and inhale deeply…..mmmmmm.  And lastly, the oil can be diluted in a carrier oil and applied to various strategic points on the body (wrists, back of neck, over the heart).

At this point you may be wondering, what does this have to do with Reiki?

Reiki is a modality which helps us feel better by relaxing and de-stressing us.  I look at the essential oils as extra “tools” to help facilitate your healing process.  Let’s say, for instance, that you have recently experienced profound grief.  Reiki may help by balancing the heart chakra, but there are also wonderful oils that can help ease this emotional pain, such as bergamot, rose and geranium.   Different people will respond to different oils, which is why I am so excited about a new “emotions” kit of essential oil blends that I have recently started using.  These blends have been formulated using the single oils that can best support specific emotional needs.

I am now offering the opportunity to include these blends in your Reiki treatment.  Whether you need help with motivation, Essential oil with orange peelgrief and consolation, to bring back passion (not just for relationships, but for your life projects), to cheer you up,  or to help bring peace of mind or forgiveness, I have a blend just for you!  Your Reiki session will start with a chat to identify where you may need some support, and then you will be given the oil to inhale, so that it can start working in your body.  After the full Reiki session, you will then receive a rollerball dispenser with the diluted oil to take home with you to use as needed.

Now as for those  laundry sheets and detergents…. Did you know that many of these products contain harmful chemicals and skin irritants?  How does one create a “Mountain Breeze”, lol?  Read more, and maybe you’ll change your mind about having these in your home!  The same goes for many popular air fresheners…  I’d rather use pure essential oils and make my own cleaners and fresheners, and offer “make and take” classes to show you how to do the same.

I invite you to come for a Reiki session and try out some essential oils.  Even if you can’t put a finger on how you feel, together we can figure it out and get you started on feeling better.  You can get more information on booking an appointment here.  Namaste!


The word Namaste is made up of two parts, “nama” (to bow) and “te” (you), and is a salutation originating in ancient India.  It is often accompanied by a gesture of hands with palms together in front of the heart or brow chakra, and a slight bow of the head.  In Japan, this gesture is known as “Gassho”.  One translation of its meaning is “The light and divinity within me bows to the light and divinity within you”.

12096602_1020700281285257_8346442160297322745_nIts true essence is the humbling admission that we are all equal.  We are all perfect forms of humanity, of love, and are all one.

Sounds a bit “out there” for some, a throwback to a “hippie” culture.  Loving everyone?  Really?  The 60’s spawned a whole “love movement”, from the Coke commercial that promoted world unity and peace, to the music, which espoused “loving the one you’re with” and “all you need is love“.

I think part of the problem is that many now think of love in its sexual context, ignoring the concept of “brotherly” love, aka platonic love. I have found myself a changed person from 15 years ago.  As I work on my own healing, I have let go of many fears, judgements and behavioural patterns.  I find it quite natural to have feelings of love towards perfect strangers.  After all, our greatest teachers have encouraged us to love our neighbours and our fellow man.

“What is love?  Love is the absence of judgement”  – The Dalai Lama

11043094_930414546992589_155610013738205592_n I have been privileged to meet many like-minded people through my Reiki studies and shift in consciousness.  The first time I heard this kinship referred to as a “tribe”, I laughed out loud.  It was a perfect description!  When I share my beliefs and discuss concepts such as  healing and love with others who feel the same, it strengthens my conviction that love truly does heal everything.  My tribe helps empower me when I have doubts or struggle with moving forward at times.  They also help my heart open up more and more…

And the more open my heart becomes, the more wonderful things enter my life….including more people who think and aspire to live as I do.

“Namaste” was something I once only said at the end of a yoga class.  Now it has become a salutation that is a natural response when my heart and soul recognize the divine spirit in others.  I am overcome with gratitude, knowing that I have been connected to the divine once more.  Or rather, that the divine in myself has been connected, and networked, with the divine in another being.

Last week, I met a young man, and although it was our first meeting, there was a spark that I recognized as a connection and made me instantly feel close to him.  When we talked about how it’s so wonderful that we have such a great friendship, from our initial meeting, I explained “Namaste” to him.  It was the perfect way to describe what had occurred.

I suggest we all put aside our fears and our biases, our judgements and assumptions.  Let’s open up our hearts as this Thanksgiving weekend approaches.  Let us see the light and love in each of us, including ourselves, so that we can all share this collective great and beautiful love.  Namaste to each of you.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

– Mother Teresa


Reiki and Sports

Reiki is something I practise daily.  I find it beneficial in every facet of my life, including sports.  For example, when cycling, I will give Reiki to my lungs and my legs, if I get tired or winded.

Many athletes seek out Reiki as part of their physical training protocol, alongside massage, nutritional consults, accupuncture, etc.  Injuries or other physical weaknesses can benefit immensely from Reiki treatments.  An acute injury may possibly improve after one or two treatments, while long-standing chronic injuries may take more visits.  In her book, “The Healing Power of Reiki”, Reiki Master Raven Keyes writes about her experiences with professional athletes.  (See  “Reiki in the NFL” , in the Reiki News Magazine.)

My sister is a dedicated ultra trail runner, and has completed four 100-mile races, as well as many shorter ones.  I am always sending Reiki to her during these races.  A month or so ago, she had worries about the food she had made for a 60 mile race, and whether these new recipes would sustain her and not cause any stomach upset.  I asked her to send me a picture of the food, all packed up, the night before her race, and then sent Reiki to the food.  Afterwards, she reported that it had worked out great!

Just this past weekend, she took part in the most gruelling 100-mile race of her life, the Eastern State 100 Miler.  Not only did it take place in the 20,000 foot elevation of the Pennsylvania mountains, it was up and down  those said mountains, sometimes on hard shale.  The race had a reputation of being extremely challenging, with a 40% completion rate among the entrants.  Even my sister had concerns about her ability to complete the race safely.  Rattlesnakes and other wildlife, running at night alongside treacherous mountain ledges, and the fatigue and pain of running for over 30 hours were all serious considerations.  She trained with incredible self-discipline, preparing not only her body, but her mind and spirit for the challenges.

Freak #1 and Freak #2, as they officially call themselves (My sister and her awesome running partner)

On race day, I started sending distance Reiki to her, and actually talked out loud to her, as if she were beside me.  As I sweated in the gardens, I imagined her running hard and sweating on her trails, and I gave her pep talks.  I often stopped what I was doing, and focused on sending bursts of Reiki to address any physical or emotional issues.  To be honest, I was really worried about her.

One very important thing to understand about Reiki is that it is innately intelligent and will go where it is needed.  Also, when Reiki is given, it must be with the intention that it is for the highest good of the person receiving it.  I thought about what was in her highest interest.  Winning?  Not completing the race, but not getting injured?  Then again, there was the last possibility that an injury may be for her highest good, if it would lead to further spiritual or emotional development.  Too much for me to figure out.  So I gave it up to the Universe, as I always do, and trusted that any Reiki she received would be what was best for her.

I followed her progress over the day and a half of her race, sending Reiki and posting updates on my Facebook page.  My friends started rooting for her, and I told them to keep it up, because I know that energy from the heart can travel great time and distance, and can have amazing results.  One of my friends said, “As you know…I don’t do Reiki…but I’m still sending lots of strong vibes…positive energies and Angel blessings!”  And I told her that at its core, Reiki is all about giving unconditional love.  A practitioner receives an attunement which helps channel the energy, but the essence is something we are all capable of giving and receiving – love.11889700_897646496968031_780261026595197178_n

And so, after 35 hours and 34 seconds, my sister crossed the finish line.  She was one of 8 women who completed the race.  I cannot imagine the feelings and thoughts going through her head, nor the exhaustion and pain.  I was able to congratulate her over the phone late this afternoon, and heard about her experiences.  I am so grateful to the race organizers, for ensuring the safety of the runners by providing healthy food and trained medical help all along the route.  As well, to her friends who went along with her, to see her off and to be there for her at the finish line and look after her.  A big thank you to all who sent Reiki in whatever form they could.  But most of all, I am grateful to the higher powers who kept her safe and helped her achieve her goal.  In my sister’s own words, “Everything that needed to occur did.  Definitely someone was looking after me…”

Congratulations, kiddo.  I love you and am so proud of you!!


Helping Rosie Leave

A few days ago, I received a text message from a dear friend:  “Our golden retriever, Rosie, seems really unwell all of a sudden, trouble moving, spacey.”  My friend told me that she had given her Reiki, but wondered if I would be able to send some to her as well, “to support her needs at the time”.  Rosie did not appear to be in pain, but my friend was not sure.

I was in town when she texted, and initially told her I would start in 15 minutes, when I arrived home.  Something made me change my mind, and I started sending distance Reiki right away.  I will write more about that experience shortly.

51Y6W+OPLOL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_Animals are usually (for the most part) highly receptive to Reiki energy.  Their egos do not come into play at all, and most are quite eager to receive Reiki.  Sometimes, it may take 10 to 15 minutes for them to feel “comfortable” with this energy being directed towards them, and they may move in and out of the energy field, according to their comfort level.  Some start soaking it up right away!  When giving Reiki to animals, I always “tell” them that I will send them Reiki, and it is up to them to “take” as much as they would like.  This is just a quick description, and there are many gifted Reiki practitioners and teachers who specialize in treating animals, whether in sanctuaries, shelters, or as people’s pets.

I have given Reiki to our own dog, Rocky, as well as to our daughter’s horses, her pet bunny, and to our little finches.  Our laying hens at the farm get Reiki, too.  In all these cases, it has been with me either touching the animals (as with Rocky), or just directing the Reiki energy with my hands towards them.  With Rosie’s case, it was the first time I was using distance Reiki on an animal.

Surprisingly, I found the energy flowed quite naturally, and it felt very similar to working with people.  I started the session with an invitation to all my guides to join in and help, and I specifically called upon St. Francis, the patron saint of animals and plants.  Not seeing Rosie in person, I could not “see” where I could focus the Reiki energy, so I just started with the top of her head.  I quickly moved to her heart chakra and spent most of the time there.  I sensed something with her back leg, and asked my friend if there was a problem there, but she couldn’t really tell.

For the whole time that I sent Reiki, I pictured Rosie surrounded by beautiful white healing energy.  She appeared to be quite calm, and as I said earlier, there was much healing happening in her heart region.

I closed up the session after about 20 minutes,  thanked all my “helpers”, and waited to hear back from Kathy.

Later, I learned that Rosie had been taken to the vet right away, and it was discovered that she had a spleen tumour.  Since she was 11 years old, and had several health issues previously, Kathy and her family had already decided that they would not take any invasive measures to prolong her life.  And so, with my friends laying on the floor at her side,  Rosie was assisted to a permanent sleep by the vet.  Saddened as she was, my friend wrote to me “Thank you Julie, sincerely I believe that you helped her on her journey. I could feel your warmth and energy as I lay with her.

When Reiki is sent with the intention that it will be for the highest good of the recipient, that does not always mean “healing” and recovery.  Sometimes, as in this case, Reiki energy can soothe any anxiety or pain, and may provide comfort and ease in the transition between life and death.  I am so very grateful that my friend contacted me to be a part of Rosie’s journey.  I know that she was well loved by her family, and will be missed every day.

Many thanks to Kathy for allowing me to share this story with you all.  I would like to dedicate this beautiful poem to her and her family:

young Rosie
Rosie, at 3 years old

The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.  When an animal dies

that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. 

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigour;

those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again,

just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone

very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.

His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers.  Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass,

his legs carrying him faster and faster.  You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet,

you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.

The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head,

and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life,

but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

(Author unknown)

Manifesting Through Gratitude

Almost ten years ago, I was given a book that was on its way to topping the best seller list.  Featuring several motivators and life coaches, it brought to light “compelling stories of eradicating disease, acquiring massive wealth, overcoming obstacles, and achieving what many would regard as impossible.”  My friend told me it would explain how to get anything I wanted in life…  Cool!

The book was, of course, Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”.

Intrigued, I read the book, but not far into it, I started to feel as if wealth and fame were being put up on a pedestal as the ultimate goals.  Sure, stories of manifesting sports cars, soul mates and dream jobs were quite tempting…  I resonated with the idea of speaking without negatives (as apparently The Universe does not “hear/see” the word “no”, and instead of hearing “I will not be poor”, hears “I will be poor”).  But enough of that.  Needless to say, the concept was interesting, but still left me with a “funny” feeling.

In all fairness, one of the quotes from the book that did resonate me was this:  “Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.”

Now we’re talking!

I was raised with a strong work ethic, and was taught that with hard work and perseverance, I would be able to achieve my goals.  I am certainly grateful for those lessons and have tried to pass on those values to our own children.  But sometimes, no matter how hard I worked, or how badly I wanted something, my goal out of my grasp.  And then came Reiki…

Just for today, I will be grateful.


One of the five precepts that Sensei Usui  asks us to repeat every day is an instruction to be grateful.  For everything.  It is easy and natural to say “thank you” for a gift or favour.  Most of us can say “thank you” for a compliment (although some people do struggle with that).  But what about saying “thank you” when a bunny hops across the bike path in front of you and makes you smile?  What about those 3 strawberries you find hidden under the foliage when you are hot and sweaty from weeding the garden?  As silly as it may seem, I now say “thank you” for each and every gift that is bestowed upon me.  My heart feels the gratitude…and “magic” starts to happen.

When I am operating out of a place of gratitude, more and more wonderful things seem to happen.  Serendipity? Perhaps, but I still chuckle with delight when I see circumstances unfolding in a good way.

Another important thing that Reiki has taught me is that if we ask for it, the Universe will provide us what is needed for our higher good.  This may not be the goal we had in mind.  Maybe we need to stay at the job we’re at because an upcoming opportunity to learn something new will present itself, or the manager we don’t like is going to get fired anyhow, lol.  Trusting that we will receive what is best of us is a huge leap of faith, I agree, but I’ve decided to give it a go.

And as to getting anything I want in life?  I think I’m realizing that getting what I need is going to be better for me in the long run!

(As always, I look forward to hearing your comments!)

Looking After Ourselves

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to write a blog about self-care and some tips about maximizing our Reiki potential.

Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki

First of all, I do not profess to be a faultless practitioner, lol!  But I try, on a daily basis, to do my best.  And it all starts with the five Reiki precepts.  I find that when I do even a quick grounding meditation in the morning and repeat these precepts, it sets the tone for my day.  By reminding myself to not anger, not worry, to be grateful, do my best, and to be kind, I am pre-programming my day and reinforcing these values in my heart.

Secondly, while I am in my treatment room (where I like to do this practice), I will give myself some Reiki.  Sometimes, it is a quick CKR over each of my chakras.  Other times, I will place my hands over my heart, open up to the beautiful Reiki energy and allow it to fill me up.  Pamela Miles often says that it doesn’t matter for how long you give yourself Reiki.  It is more important that you do, on a daily basis.  (If my day is off to a busy start, I may not have a chance for self-Reiki, so I will wait until bedtime and give myself some Reiki before going to sleep.)

Practise, practise, practise!

As with many things we learn to do in life, practice can be very helpful in strengthening our Reiki flow.  Because Reiki courses through us as we give treatments, the very act of giving Reiki to others benefits us as well, by unblocking our own energy systems.  Better yet, when we receive full Reiki treatments from others, it ensures that we are at our peak condition to be conduits for others.  I offer all of my students a discount rate for Reiki sessions, to encourage them to come often.


I host 2 shares monthly, and attend my Reiki teacher’s shares, too.  Not only do I receive Reiki, but a share is often an opportunity to discuss any questions or experiences we may have with others. The shares are open to everyone, whether or not they have studied Reiki with me, or even if they have not yet been attuned to Reiki, but would like to learn more about it.  I also advise my students to make arrangements with each other to share Reiki with each other, either in person, or to practise their distance technique.

Mikao Usui was not looking for a healing modality when he discovered Reiki.  He was on a spiritual journey, and we should often remember this fact about the origins of Reiki.  It is so much more than a healing technique.  It is a way of living, in touch with the Divine within each of us, and connects us to the Source that nourishes us all.  If we remind ourselves of this, it will be easier to leave our egos out of the way, and to just allow this beautiful energy to flow and enrich our mind, body and spirit.

Reiki, An All Purpose Aid

Reiki is such an incredible gift.  All the more reason to wonder why it isn’t used more often in our daily lives.  I guess it’s because it is primarily thought of as a healing practice for our bodies, to help promote healing during illness or after injuries.  In that respect, it can be very powerful in its ability to boost our immune systems, and to help remove any blocks that may be impeding our body’s natural healing process.

But what about using Reiki for “situations”?  I recently accompanied my father to the hospital for some stress tests.  I used Reiki to ensure safe travelling to the city, and a timely arrival.  I used Reiki to help my father be at ease while waiting for his tests.  And finally, while he was undergoing one of the tests, I was in the room with him and sent Reiki to him while he was on a treadmill.  I sat with my palms near my lap, but directed at my father.  The technician saw this, but made no comment.  (Had she asked, I would have explained what I was doing.)  Dad performed the test easily, even though he had been worried about how he would do earlier.  I had asked for Reiki to be sent for my father’s highest good, that it would be of maximum benefit for him.  This did not mean that the tests would not show any problems, just that whatever was best for my father would be evident.  In this case, ruling out any heart conditions meant that we could explore other possibilities for his health concerns.

Reiki flows through everything.  It flows through us, through animals and plants, through the ground and air that surround us.  In the vegetable garden this afternoon, I saw that some of my cucumber plants did not look healthy, with some unusual spots on the leaves.  So, of course, I sent Reiki to them.  In fact, I then sent Reiki to the whole garden!  Another great example is when, earlier in the spring, I had planted some blackberry canes that were not in the best shape.  As I planted them in compost rich soil, I used Reiki on them.  I added Reiki energy to the water that was poured into the holes, and for over a week, gave them a blast of Reiki whenever I went to the garden.  I should have taken “before” and “after” pictures!  From dried up canes, with only a few live shoots, the four groups of canes I planted have thrived, bloomed, and are now setting fruit!  Give it a try, you may be surprised at the results when your seeds and plants – and even water – receive a Reiki boost.

Self-Reiki-BadgeThe last example of day-to-day Reiki is the most valuable one, self-care.  I give myself Reiki every day.  Sometimes, I start my day with it.  Other times, I end my day with it.  Regardless of when, or for how long, the most important thing is that I do it every day.  When I start my day with Reiki, I feel grounded and eager to interact with the world.  I repeat the Reiki precepts and allow myself to be cleared and ready to face the day.  When I end my day with it, it helps ease any body aches, and soothes my mind for a peaceful sleep.   Once in a while, if a friend or student talks about something they are going through, I ask them if they have remembered to give themselves Reiki.  Many times, they have forgotten.  That’s why making it a daily practice helps form a wonderful Reiki habit.  It should be as natural as remembering to breathe…

I leave you with the 5 Reiki precepts:

“Just for today:

I will not anger.

I will not worry.

I will be grateful.

I will do my work honestly and diligently.

I will be kind to every living thing.”

Sharing at Reiki Shares

Today a friend asked me what the Reiki shares I mentioned on Facebook were all about.   Although I had never heard of them before I studied Reiki, I now host my own and attend my teachers’ shares regularly.

Reiki shares (sometimes called “Energy Shares”) are a fabulous opportunity to give and receive Reiki healing.  Depending on the organizers, they can have many formats.

I prefer to have Reiki as the only modality being shared, mainly because I open my shares to everyone, practitioners and non-practitioners alike.  Although I use a few different modalities, for the benefit of Reiki “newbies”, I like to focus the time entirely on Reiki, so that people attending can come to understand what it’s all about without other (awesome) distractions.  Anyone can receive Reiki and anyone can learn to give Reiki.  An attunement process is what helps practitioners channel the energy to share, and is received during formal training.  At my shares, if you are new to Reiki, you get to go on the table first!  But I’m getting ahead of myself….IMG_0253

We start off the evening with a round of introductions, with the help of my beautiful talking stick.  Borrowing from a Native tradition, everyone has a chance to speak – until they are done – with no interruptions from the rest of the group.  We share our stories, our successes, and our struggles.  And we start making connections with each other.  Many times, we have short discussions about Reiki itself.

Next, we all take part in a guided meditation.  Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives, so it’s nice to have some help to wind down, clear ourselves, and be grounded to receive some healing.

We divide up into groups, depending on the number of people attending.  For large groups, I can set up three Reiki tables, and we work in groups of 3-5 people per table.  One person lays on the table, and the others give Reiki to them, usually for about 15 minutes.  With up to four people working at one table, we are all free to start anywhere we feel guided, and work intuitively for the most part.  Stools are provided for anyone needing them for comfort.

There are a few minutes in between turns, when experiences and observations are shared, and we proceed until we’re done.  Everyone gets their turn on the table….even me!

A beautiful “tradition” I first saw at Debra Jones’ energy shares was an opportunity to give Reiki to those who couldn’t attend, or for people or situations that could use some healing.  Debra has a beautiful statue of an upturned hand, where names are placed.  I have a hand-woven little basket, with a Reiki-charged Rose Quartz in it, and attendees are encouraged to put as many names in as they like.  After the sharing is over, we sit together as a group again and send distance healing to everyone and everything in the basket.

I hold Reiki Shares twice a month, one evening the first week of the month, and then a morning share the following week.  If you are at all interested in attending, please join my Meetup Group, “Loving and Living Reiki”.  Once you’ve joined, you will receive email notices of upcoming shares and classes.  By RSVPing, you are helping me to set up the appropriate number of tables, so that we can work comfortably.  As well, if I am expecting you, I can try to wait until you have arrived before starting.  As I said, no experience is necessary!  Come out to learn more about Reiki!

Sometimes new friendships are formed, certainly new insights and understandings are achieved….and we all end up with this fabulous Reiki “high”.  Feelings of love and gratitude, acceptance and belonging, and peace are often the norm.  If that appeals to you, won’t you join us?