I Believe – Part Two


One of the incredible gifts Reiki provides is that it connects us with divinity.  Whether we choose to call that God, or the Source, the Spirit That Moves Through All Things, or Allah, when we are present and open to it, our hearts are open and we are connected to everything.

sunrise.JPGOf course, we can make that connection without Reiki…. A glorious sunrise, or a robin’s song echoing up from the cedar bush will help me make it to that wonderful “space”.  A piece of classical music can move me to the point of tears, and I know that there is nothing “earthly” about how I feel, that it surely must come from a Source greater than all of us.

And when I feel that connection to the Divine, I believe.

I believe that anything – and everything – is possible.  Especially miracles.  For what is a miracle but something that is outside our realm of understanding or belief?


When I live my life following the Reiki precepts, when I meditate and give myself Reiki, it becomes very easy to feel the connection.  And so, the more I practise Reiki as a way of living my life each day, the more I believe.

Before we left for our holiday to Peru, I was given a HUGE lesson in belief.  For whatever reason, Ralph and I neglected to check our passport expiry dates until the night before we left for Peru (yikes!!)  Turns out, they were going to expire in two months’ time.  Almost all countries require at least 90 days before the expiry date to allow you in.  All the websites we frantically searched at 9:30 pm told us that not only would we need updated passports, but the minimum time required to get one in an emergency was 24 to 48 hours.  Our flight left in less than 15 hours.  As I dialled to speak to someone at the Canadian passport office, I chanted under my breath, “I believe, I believe, I believe…”  I felt the relief in my heart.   And a miracle happened.  Despite everything we had read online (and knew to be true), I was told that because we had a return flight booked before our passports’ expiry dates, and we had funds to fly home, there was no reason we should be denied entry.  Intense relief!!!  I was convinced.  I believed.

Releasing doubt and worry made it possible.

When we took three connecting flights back home (arranged in a hurry after Natalie’s accident), we had several hair-raising moments.  Our first flight was late leaving, and we landed with mere minutes to spare to catch the next flight.  As we literally ran through the airport, again, I believed. Somehow, we would make it.   It was just like in the movies, cutting through the customs lines, reading overhead signs in Spanish, and arriving totally out of breath at the gate.  We made it!  We laugh about it now, but it was pretty stressful at the time.

At one point, we were lost in the Bogota airport, no one spoke English, and we had to find the Air Canada check-in desk.  It was a huge airport.  I felt helpless.  And then I just looked upwards and said, “Please send us some help”.  Ten seconds later, I spotted a man wearing a white shirt with gold epaulets, a flight captain….who spoke English!  I looked up again and whispered, “thank you”.  He directed us to the area we needed to go to, and although we weren’t able to arrive home with our luggage, we did get things sorted out and had time to spare.  (Our luggage was delivered to the farm two days later, completely intact.)

Entertaining stories, perhaps, but for someone who was raised to believe in “rules” ,in an often pessimistic environment, to me they are reminders that when we believe – and feel that belief – believing can result in miracles.  (For more insight on this topic, I highly recommend Gregg Braden’s book “Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer” )

I encourage you to find your way to connect to the divine.  Try some meditation.  Recite the Reiki precepts daily.  Let go, and accept.  Believe.  It’s amazing.












3 thoughts on “I Believe – Part Two

  1. Dearest Julie,
    Yes, you are right about that!
    During our 1,500,000 miles in the air, all over the world as International Consultants, we experienced numerous times that there indeed IS a Guardian Angel and for sure there is a God.
    Found you on Celia’s post about us…
    Sending you hugs,

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