I Believe – Part One


It’s been a while since I’ve last written, so this post may be a bit longer than others…

In January, while on holiday in Peru, my husband and I received word that our 26 year-old daughter had been in a head-on car accident, and had been airlifted to hospital.  After my initial shock wore off, and we had scrambled to get more information, I went to our room and started sending Reiki right away.

But I need to backtrack a bit….

I had a feeling that our trip to Peru would hold some surprises for me.  Somehow I knew that there would be some valuable insights and lessons awaiting me.  Little did I know it would start with our flight down.

Just before midnight, I heard two announcements on the plane, asking for any doctors or nurses to make themselves known to the flight staff.  After the third announcement asked for anyone with any medical training to come forward, I knew I had to go.  I explained to a flight attendant that I was a Reiki practitioner, and she took me up to the front of the plane, right outside the cockpit.  There sat a young mother with her 20-month old son, on the floor.  The boy was drooling and feverish, despite getting medication from his mother.  I offered Reiki as a way to help calm the child (and mother), and sat with them, while explaining what Reiki was (in a mix of English and Spanish). The little one slowly started to settle down, and at one point, his mother looked at me with a shy smile and said , “I can feel something…here…” and she pointed to her heart.  After 45 minutes, the boy fell asleep and ended up sleeping until our plane landed two hours later.  (The medication did keep his temperature from rising further and we agreed that his condition was probably brought on by teething.)  His mother and I hugged, and we both had tears in our eyes from sharing such a beautiful experience together.

When I returned to my seat, my husband woke up and I told him what had happened.  I could tell he was proud of me for offering my help.  As I thought about it, I realized that this was a “test” of sorts for me, to see if I was truly committed to sharing Reiki with everyone.  I wasn’t sure what the flight crew would think, or if the mother would allow me to help, but all I focused on was that little boy.  I opened my heart to him, and allowed the healing love that I was channelling to help soothe him.  And when I did,  I knew in my heart that this is my path.

Six days later, our daughter had her accident.  A vehicle in an oncoming lane crossed over to her side and hit her car.   She lost consciousness, received multiple cuts and bruises to her head and upper body, her ankle was badly sprained and her hip was dislocated.  I knew none of these details before I started sending distance Reiki to her, and yet, I instinctively felt the need to focus on her head and left side.  By channelling Reiki to send to her, I felt some calm return to my panicked and worried self.

I then reached out to all my lightworker friends and to family, asking them to start sending their prayers and Reiki to Natalie. Fortunately, I also had my essential oils with me, and used them to help keep me grounded and as calm as was possible under the circumstances.

fear vs love

Surgery two days later repaired her hip, with a metal plate and screws holding her shattered bones together in her hip.  (Weeks later, the surgeon and her physiotherapist have predicted a full recovery, and she will be able to walk, return to work, and most of all, ride and train her beloved horses.  In the meanwhile, there was – and still is – a lot of healing to take place.)

As parents, it was an extremely frightening and stressful experience for us, made all the worse by being so far away from our daughter.  When it became clear that she would be in the hospital for a week, we knew we had to cut our holiday short and get back as soon as possible.  There were many shared tears and feelings of helplessness, but Ralph and I were consoled by the fact that so many of our friends and family had rallied to be by Natalie’s side.  We couldn’t be there, but she was not alone.  We will be forever grateful for those who drove to the hospital (some from many hours away), and to her boyfriend, who flew in from Nova Scotia to be with her for the weekend, after her surgery.  When we arrived back in Canada, we saw all the cards and flowers in her room.  We heard the stories of those who had advocated on her behalf when she was in so much pain and could not speak for herself.  We found out how fortunate she was to still be alive.


Once I could be with Natalie, she received Reiki daily.  I even brought my oils to the hospital and used them.  The nurses did not question me when they saw me giving her Reiki, so I explained that it was an important part of her healing.  Physical wounds needed to be repaired, as well as her emotional ones.  The intense trauma she suffered has left her unable to put any weight on her left leg for three months, so the healing has been slow, but steady. (At this point, she has just over three weeks to go…)

12734245_986766031389410_7591137534669086769_nI’ve realized how much this whole experience has changed us, and the lessons it has provided.  Our daughter has seen the amazing love her family and friends have for her, and is learning the frustrating lesson of patience.  Being so inactive for three months has been a huge challenge.  But she knows that she can do it, and that she must wait for everything to heal properly.  We are all so proud of her, and impressed with her courage, her determination and inner strength.  She has been simply amazing.

I have learned to trust.  To worry less.  To give up fear and accept love.  To make sure that before helping others to heal, I work on healing and clearing myself.

And I will always be grateful…

2 thoughts on “I Believe – Part One

  1. What a powerful story. Life continually presents us with challenges and opportunities and Reiki seems to be an essential element in the toolkit. I remember you saying that you were concerned about Natalie before you left. How amazing that you were able to connect with her, help her, and keep yourself grounded as well before you came home. So proud of you!

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