Reiki, An All Purpose Aid

Reiki is such an incredible gift.  All the more reason to wonder why it isn’t used more often in our daily lives.  I guess it’s because it is primarily thought of as a healing practice for our bodies, to help promote healing during illness or after injuries.  In that respect, it can be very powerful in its ability to boost our immune systems, and to help remove any blocks that may be impeding our body’s natural healing process.

But what about using Reiki for “situations”?  I recently accompanied my father to the hospital for some stress tests.  I used Reiki to ensure safe travelling to the city, and a timely arrival.  I used Reiki to help my father be at ease while waiting for his tests.  And finally, while he was undergoing one of the tests, I was in the room with him and sent Reiki to him while he was on a treadmill.  I sat with my palms near my lap, but directed at my father.  The technician saw this, but made no comment.  (Had she asked, I would have explained what I was doing.)  Dad performed the test easily, even though he had been worried about how he would do earlier.  I had asked for Reiki to be sent for my father’s highest good, that it would be of maximum benefit for him.  This did not mean that the tests would not show any problems, just that whatever was best for my father would be evident.  In this case, ruling out any heart conditions meant that we could explore other possibilities for his health concerns.

Reiki flows through everything.  It flows through us, through animals and plants, through the ground and air that surround us.  In the vegetable garden this afternoon, I saw that some of my cucumber plants did not look healthy, with some unusual spots on the leaves.  So, of course, I sent Reiki to them.  In fact, I then sent Reiki to the whole garden!  Another great example is when, earlier in the spring, I had planted some blackberry canes that were not in the best shape.  As I planted them in compost rich soil, I used Reiki on them.  I added Reiki energy to the water that was poured into the holes, and for over a week, gave them a blast of Reiki whenever I went to the garden.  I should have taken “before” and “after” pictures!  From dried up canes, with only a few live shoots, the four groups of canes I planted have thrived, bloomed, and are now setting fruit!  Give it a try, you may be surprised at the results when your seeds and plants – and even water – receive a Reiki boost.

Self-Reiki-BadgeThe last example of day-to-day Reiki is the most valuable one, self-care.  I give myself Reiki every day.  Sometimes, I start my day with it.  Other times, I end my day with it.  Regardless of when, or for how long, the most important thing is that I do it every day.  When I start my day with Reiki, I feel grounded and eager to interact with the world.  I repeat the Reiki precepts and allow myself to be cleared and ready to face the day.  When I end my day with it, it helps ease any body aches, and soothes my mind for a peaceful sleep.   Once in a while, if a friend or student talks about something they are going through, I ask them if they have remembered to give themselves Reiki.  Many times, they have forgotten.  That’s why making it a daily practice helps form a wonderful Reiki habit.  It should be as natural as remembering to breathe…

I leave you with the 5 Reiki precepts:

“Just for today:

I will not anger.

I will not worry.

I will be grateful.

I will do my work honestly and diligently.

I will be kind to every living thing.”

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